Sierra City Sessions

Schedule Your Session:
  1. Check the calendar below to see if Leah is in town.
  2. Send a message to Leah requesting a session, include any scheduling preferences or limitations. More than a day’s notice is great, but sometimes last minute is enough!
  3. Your session is scheduled when you receive confirmation.

$100 / 60 minute session

$120 / 75 minute session

  • Ask about the discount for PCT hikers!
  • Additional charge for outcalls.
  • Want to purchase a gift certificate for someone else? How nice! Send a message to Leah with your request.

Sessions take place at the Old Sierra City Hotel, across from the general store.

How to Prepare for Your Session: 

Wear something comfortable, T-shirt and sweatpants work well. Eat light before your session, you’ll be more comfortable with an emptier belly.