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Outdoor Yoga Classes

Alternate Saturdays 10:30 – 11:45 a.m.

April 1 & 15

May 13 & 27

and so on…

In the courtyard at 1919 Market St., Oakland (Daughter of Samoa studio (formerly the Barefoot Movement studio)

Dressing rooms, bathroom, lockers, masks, mats and props are available in the studio.

Wear layers. We will practice outside regardless of the temperature! 

If there is rain, wetness from previous rain, smoke, etc. then class will be held indoors with masks in the Daughter of Samoa studio at the same address.

All purchases expire 12 weeks after purchase, no extensions or holds.

6 classes are offered during 12 weeks.

Virtual Yoga Classes

Tuesdays 6:00 – 7:15 p.m.

Link for class:

All purchases expire 4 weeks after purchase, no extensions or holds.

4 classes are offered during 4weeks.

Class recordings are sent to the students who took that class and to those who purchased 4 Virtual Classes. Recordings expire 30 days after the class.

Recurring Auto-Pay can be set up, let me know if you’re interested!

Private Yoga Sessions

Yoga privates can work in a number of different ways.

A single or occasional session can support your regular, on-going practice and accelerate your progress. You’ll receive an abundance of direction designed to integrate over time.

Regular, ongoing private sessions via zoom and/or in person work well for a more tailored, efficient practice that fits your schedule.

Semi-privates are an option as well, share the cost and work with just a small cohort for plenty of individualized attention.

Have another vision for how you’d like to receive private training? Let me know!


Zoomed privates: $60/hr or $35 for 30 minutes

In-person sessions: $150/75 minutes

Learn How to Massage Using Your Feet!

Barefoot Shiatsu is an efficient, effective method of therapeutic massage. It is satisfying to both receive and to give! The techniques are inherently ergonomic and, over time, can improve the practitioners’ leg strength, balance, breath, rhythm, coordination, sensitivity, responsiveness and understanding of the body.

To become a proficient practitioner, a great deal of practice is required. Periodic tutorials combined with independent practice on ‘volunteer clients’ is a great way to gain proficiency.

Leah has been teaching Barefoot Shiatsu since 2006 in both group and private settings. Private tutorials do require a third person to act as ‘the client’. A manual is provided for students to keep. It helps the student recall the techniques but does not qualify as a standalone teaching source.

Rates and other information for tutorials are the same as for bodywork sessions and can be found on either Oakland or Sierra City pages.

Interested in attending a Barefoot Shiatsu workshop-retreat in Sierra City? Let Leah know! When there’s a sufficient number of interested students she’ll schedule it!